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    Ziza Bauer’s Style Story

    I really want to wax poetic about my lovely visit with Ziza Bauer in Nashville, TN. We had the best time! But truthfully, I couldn’t do it justice. Like so many times before,…

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    Jamie Lyons’ Style Story

    Prepare yourselves for the ultimate lesson in what I’m calling the “Kondo-effect”. As in Marie Kondo of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Ever heard of it? If you’ve shopped at…

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    Arianna Jones’ Style Story

    I am frequently amazed by the resourcefulness, bravery and creative chutzpah that it takes to create and sell a physical product as an independent maker. For whatever reason, that impulse never struck me. Maybe because…

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    Gina Bender’s Style Story

    Notice anything different around here? Maybe, say EVERYTHING!?! Ok, maybe not exactly everything has changed but a few major things have. (You’ll find the full run down in this post from earlier today.)…

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    Kristi Drayovitch’s Style Story

    Meet Kris… Textile and pattern-layerer extraordinaire! This is her colorful home where she loves to entertain dear friends and family and snuggle up with her sweet pup Izzie Mae. She has a…

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    Jayme and Allie’s Style Story

    So often, our expectations and assumptions get in the way of our creative work. The pursuit of perfection, the expectation of time, the fear of mediocrity. These things can keep us from doing the work…