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    A Conversation with Kristi Drayovitch

    Last week’s Style Story visit into the home of home Kris Drayovitch was all about rich layers, worldly textiles and inviting details. In today’s podcast, you’ll hear from the equally beautiful Kris herself. Besides…

  • Podcast

    A Conversation with Jayme and Allie

    Where to begin… Jayme, in the pink jacket, and Allie, in the hedgehog top (did you see their Style Story?), blew me away with their insights when we sat down to record today’s podcast. To…

  • Podcast

    Style Questions… No. 2

    Ok, who’s ready for a little style Q & A? Today, I published the second episode of my new Style Questions series. In it, I’m riffing on a few design questions that some…

  • Podcast

    A Conversation with Carly Burson

    Today’s conversation comes as a perfect follow-up to my Conscious Gifting Guide from last week. It’s becoming a well-known fact that “fast fashion” has a tragically negative affect on the people that are employed to…

  • Podcast

    Your Style Answers on the Podcast!

    Today’s post has been a looong time coming. Since it’s inception, the podcast has always played second fiddle to the blog for a variety of reasons but primarily because audio is not my area…