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    What’s the Story with Your Art

    I’ve got some opinions on art. For instance… Go with your gut… hunt for original pieces… don’t be enticed by trends (unless you’d truly love them even if they weren’t trendy)… and please, god,…

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    Morning Rituals

    It feels only right that I would be sitting here at my computer this morning, in the short-lived quiet before Gabriel wakes up, writing this post about morning rituals. My coffee is…

  • Musings

    The State of the Weekend

    Since having Gabriel, my weekends and weekdays have become indistinguishably blurred. With no regular work schedule to keep, there’s been no need to define one from the other. But this past weekend was…

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    “Ugly” for the Aesthete

    Today’s post goes out to all of my fellow aesthetes out there! I came across Kate Arends’ presentation on Creative Mornings over the weekend and knew I had to share it with you. Maybe I’m…

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    “Real” Is the New Digital

    Piggy-backing off of last week’s post, let’s take the “digital consumption” topic one step further. One method that I think is especially brilliant if you’re trying to minimize the amount of digital…

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    You Don’t Have to Read This

    Yes, I’m serious. You don’t have to read this! Now, let me explain why.   I regularly get this thing called “e-brain”. (That’s what my new friend Jess calls it). You know “e-brain”. It’s that…