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    Daily Wears… No. 4

    Since we’re going with a loose dance theme in this series (see HERE), today’s post must be dedicated to Ms. Isadora Duncan. Her love for flowing, draping, fluid forms was completely revolutionary in her time. When I’m…

  • Daily Wears

    Daily Wears… No. 3

    Earlier this week I talked about the value of a solid morning routine and how it can set the tone for the rest of your day. Can I tell you the hardest thing about…

  • Daily Wears

    Daily Wears… No. 2

    Fall has always brought a surge of excitement and productivity in me. Blame it on the years of school beginnings and ballet seasons, but when the air cools and the trees turn, I’m ready to turn a…

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    Daily Wears No. 1… Post Pregnancy Patterns

    As the brain-fog of pregnancy and childbirth slowly burns away, so does my heretofore unrivaled love of black spandex clothing. Seriously, there’s nothing more dear to a pregnant woman than her black stretchy basics. No…