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  • Style Stories

    Misty Spencer’s Style Story… Revisited

    Remember my friend Misty? I shared her Style Story early in this blog’s history. Since then, she and her family have transitioned through some pretty major life changes, one of them being a significant down-sizing…

  • Podcast

    A Conversation with Misty Spencer

    Misty and I had a great little chat after I photographed her home for yesterday’s style story. That was a couple months ago. But then she up and launched a business (the…

  • Style Stories

    Misty Spencer’s Style Story

    Misty and Andrew Spencer live a mere 8 minutes from my home in Fort Worth. They’ve nestled themselves into a charming craftsman style bungalow in the Fairmount neighborhood, which as it turns…

  • Daily Wears

    Daily Wears… No. 2

    Fall has always brought a surge of excitement and productivity in me. Blame it on the years of school beginnings and ballet seasons, but when the air cools and the trees turn, I’m ready to turn a…

  • Inspired By

    Fail-Proof Florals

    You know what I love? Flowers. You know what I don’t love? Spending money I typically don’t have on things that are going to wilt in a matter of days. It’s sad,…