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  • Podcast

    A Conversation with Brittany Cobb

    As promised, my conversation with Brittany was full of all sorts of insider secrets. In the course of our chat, we covered details about her home, the influence of her childhood, what…

  • Style Stories

    Brittany Cobb’s Style Story

    If you grew up learning the ropes of antiquing from the most probably aged seat of your mother’s antique booth and then refined your eye for aesthetics and art as a student…

  • Inspired By

    Hat Revolution

    Remember Brittany Cobb’s boho-chic style? Let me jog your memory… No question, Brittany knows what’s going on in the fashion department. And in her opinion (mine too)… hats are so chic. They’re…

  • Style Stories

    Paula Minnis’ Style Story

    Paula Minnis came recommended to me by my friend Brittany. (Did you see her Style Story?) I believe the words were “Very warm and cozy, very homey but global and cool.” Well,…

  • Expert Insights

    Guidelines for Shopping Vintage

    Last time we heard from her, Brittany left us with some fantastic advice for shopping vintage furniture and clothing but I’m not entirely sure that everyone heard it. It was buried deep…