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I love a good “what’s in my bag” profile. It’s like looking inside someone’s refrigerator or bathroom cabinet. You get a very honest and intimate look at the personality and habits of that person. Since we’re all on the go so much these days, the purse is like a mini traveling office. And when your job is primarily out of the actual office like mine is, it’s even more of a workhorse! Whether shopping around town for props or shooting on location, my purse has to carry mini arsenal of tools and gadgets.

So, wouldn’t you like to take a peek? Here’s goes!

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If the purse is the traveling office, the phone is the computer. It’s how I get most of my work done when I’m not at home. Even though it’s my primary source of note taking and day planning, I still like to write things down the old fashioned way. Hence, the handful of mini notebooks that you’ll always find in my purse. Ideally, I would have a notebook for each category of work… styling, blog, personal. But in reality, it’s messy free-for-all where the closest notebook within reach gets the pen.

Stylist’s secret – Keep a tape measure in your purse at all times to measure vintage treasures that don’t have noted dimensions. A small tape measure for fabric isn’t heavy and won’t take up much space, but will still get the job done whether your measuring an inseam or tabletop.


20160626-What's In Hilary's Bag-40

Zip Pouches – 

The number one key to keeping my purse in somewhat decent order is the zip pouch. I use it to organize things like job receipts and business cards. These two are staples that you’ll always find inside my bag.

Teal & gold pouch, TARGET

Blue mod cloth pouch, GAIA


20160626-What's In Hilary's Bag-42

Phone charger and earbuds – 

There’s nothing worse than losing phone power when you’re working on the go. Most of the time, I’m able to power up in the car, but for the times that I don’t have that chance, I keep a phone charger in my purse or styling kit. Earbuds can be a handy thing to carry too for those times when you’re working in a noisy coffee shop. Many times, I’ll put them in my ears for no other reason than to buffer the environmental clatter.


20160626-What's In Hilary's Bag-43

Medicine “Cabinet” – 

This is what becoming a mom will do to you. Suddenly your purse becomes a traveling apothecary of disinfectant, wet wipes, stain remover and pain relievers. I keep hand lotion and kleenex handy too and, when I’m not traveling with a diaper bag, I pack extra diapers and kiddie snacks. Having this kind of stockpile of convenience will make you like the friend with the truck… Everyone wants your number.

Organizing these items in a clear plastic pouch also makes it quick and easy to find what you need.


20160626-What's In Hilary's Bag-44

Cosmetics, Travel Mirror, Coin Purse and Stamp Cards – 

My makeup routine is simple and so are my purse cosmetics. First and foremost, I travel with lip balm. That’s an absolute must. Beyond that, I carry concealer (I’m always working against under-eye circles and blemishes) and red lipstick, in case I’m feeling fancy. My coin purse is a kind of catch all and is in need of some serious purging. It carries loose change and a bazillion half-used gift cards and frequent shopper vouchers.




20160626-What's In Hilary's Bag-45

Receipts, Card Case, Check Book – 

Lastly, receipts. It’s a never-ending battle. Like anyone, I have a slew of receipts and old to-do lists that inevitably pile up at the bottom of my purse. When I’m good, I purge them daily. Otherwise, it’s a weekly and sometimes even monthly task.



Weirdly, this was a lot of fun to share! I’m toying with the idea of adding this feature to my Style Story visits. What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing what’s in the bags of my Style Story guests?

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