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The OSoS… No. 10 how to write a better thesisВ can you buy viagra over the counter in dubai cialis black review admissions essay examples graduate schools shawshank redemption essay follow see url the happiness hypothesis ebook free download click how do i know my ipad is charging when it's dead enter research papers on marketing pdf what to write my research paper on meaningful object essay customer focus books source url how to write thesis data analysis here honours thesis memes here I consume a lot of social media. Admittedly, too much, and Instagram especially.

Instagram used to be this quiet little corner of social media where creative people could share of-the-moment snaps of their daily journey. No judgement, no comparison. Just free form creativity and social sharing. Fast-forward a few years later and it’s become a massive media channel where small businesses and major corporations alike leverage our obsession with visual eye-candy for business gain. I know, I sound like one of those “good ole days” reminiscers and, to an extent (although not totally… there’s still lots of great stuff on Instagram), I am. But if I’m honest with myself, I’ve become guilty of exploiting the Instagram model of perfection in my own feed too. You know the kind of thing I’m referring to. A striking photo with stunning light, beautiful scenery, adorable clothing accompanied by a witty yet wise caption which leaves you feeling like, “dang, why isn’t my life that good/pretty/exciting?” Here’s the thing… Nobody’s is. Life is way more complex than what any given Instagram photo or feed gives it credit for.

So, in today’s Other Side of Style post, I want to direct you to one thing and one thing only. The Strong Opinions Loosely Held podcast from refinery29. Their latest episode is fittingly titled “Instagram Insecurities” and it’s a candid and insightful conversation about the distorted context that can be Instagram.


After listening to the show, I was compelled to share my own version of the “other side of [Instagram] style” via a painfully accurate photo of Gabriel and I slumped on the couch, nostrils in full focus. It’s 
not perfect and that was precisely the point. My previous selfie from a few days prior was all smiles, pretty lighting and conveniently blurred focus. This post was simply the other side of that authenticity coin. Neither bad but both equally important for the context of the story.

Maybe you can relate. How does Instagram make you feel?

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