What’s the Story with Your Art

I’ve got some opinions on art. For instance…

Go with your gut… hunt for original pieces… don’t be enticed by trends (unless you’d truly love them even if they weren’t trendy)… and please, god, don’t buy art from Bed Bath and Beyond! Nothing against ya, Bed Bath and Beyond. You just represent a certain caliber of generic art that I can’t get behind.

I outlined these thoughts plus a few more in a previous post. So, today I want to take things a step further and sing the praises of artwork that has a story. The kind you’re drawn to, moved by and connect with.

Often, knowing something about the artist and their experience with a certain piece can be a powerful thing to connect with. To help us finish our dining roomMinted sent over this lovely photograph featuring a quiet country scene by Traci Yau, an independent artist in Minted’s large community of artists.

When I first saw it, I was drawn to the feeling of simplicity, ruggedness and serenity that it evoked in me. After asking Traci a few questions about her art, I found that I connected with the piece even more!

Read the story behind this photograph below.

20160411Minted art-35-4


Hilary: When did you first start selling your art?

Traci: I graduated from design school at the end of 2007 and had a hard time finding a job so I began making things to keep me busy. My friends all responded positively to the things I was creating, so I started my own small business and opened up an etsy shop in 2008.

Hilary: What is the greatest influence on your work?

Traci: It’s hard to pinpoint one thing! Traveling, our home (we live in a mid century modern home that is flooded with light), exploring with my daughter and seeing things from her perspective, music, being around other amazing creative women…

Hilary: What is the story behind your “Horses at Dusk” print?

Traci: I grew up on a farm outside a very (very) small town in southern Idaho. One night while visiting my parents (we currently live in California) we were taking a walk at dusk and these gorgeous horses were standing in this amazing light. I felt like that moment captured the feeling of summer on a farm…and a million moments from my childhood.


So, tell me about the art that you love and why. Is it because of the feelings it evokes? The place and time in which you obtained it? The story behind the piece?



While this post wasn’t directly sponsored, the photograph featured was a gift from Minted. Thanks, Minted!

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