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Snappy, Snap Snapchat…

I know what you’re thinking. Dear god, not another social media app! Believe me, I am right there with ya. The last thing I need is one more time suck. That’s why I’m not here to rope you in if you’re not already on Snapchat. But if you are, come see what I’m up to! You’ll find the life of a stylist involves a whole lot more normaling than you probably realized.

And if you’re wondering (because, let’s be honest, Snapchat is kind of a clunky app and I wouldn’t fault you if you didn’t like using it), here’s why I finally decided to give Snapchat a go. It’s the opposite of what Instagram has become. It’s raw, it’s off the cuff, it’s not polished and perfected. And it’s just the counterpoint to Instagram’s too-pretty-to-be-real standard that I need in my life right now.

Jump over to Snapchat and look me up as “hilaryrwalker”.



P.S. Please tell me this photo made you laugh. It’s totally ridiculous and over the top but it makes me chuckle… kinda like Snapchat.

P.P.S. This over-the-top moment also brought to you by the talented Angie Garcia. She brings the best out in me. 😉



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