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Daily Wears… No.8

Yeah, so these photos have been sitting on my computer for months and really ought to be foregone. After all, I’m wearing a freakin’ turtleneck and I don’t think I’ve worn so much as a sweater here in Texas in the past month! But I guess there are still places in the world that experience cool weather beyond the first of March. So, if that’s your neck of the woods, this post is for you!

The story of this outfit is simple. I found this killer vintage top – I’m pretty sure it’s a guy’s shirt – in the dead of Winter and because I can be a very impatient person, I decided to slip a simple ivory turtleneck under it to suit the chilly weather. I like the cigarette pants with it… they lend themselves to the vintage vibe I unexpectedly landed on. And the red stilettos make up for the fact that I’m now 100% sure this is a man’s shirt. Balance, people. It’s the name of the game in fashion.

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Photography by Angie Garcia

This story…


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