Daily Wears

Daily Wears… No. 7

If you were to see me on a typical work day, whether styling on set or out and about shopping, there’s a pretty darn good chance you’d find me in this exact outfit. It’s become a sort of uniform and when I’m not wearing these exact items, I’m replicating the look with a similar formula. Slim pants cuffed, sweater top, oversized jacket, playful yet practical shoes, one or two pieces of chunky jewelry and my kilim and leather purse.

There’s no time to be fussy when you’re a working mama and frequently on the go, but this look feels practical and flexible while also being stylish and a tad creative. Somedays I’ll swap out the jewelry for an accessory that makes more of a statement. Other days I’ll mix it up with my shoes. Either way, it works and that’s why I like it.

Here, here for the uniform!

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Photography by Angie Garcia

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