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Best Nine of 2015

Happy 2016, friends!! Boy, what. a. year.

More than any other year, 2015 was overwhelmingly focused on one gigantic life changing event for us –  the birth of our son Gabriel. This teeny tiny fellow has a huge, enormous story, some of which I shared on the blog. While gearing up for the new year, I found myself reminiscing on some of those posts and others. So, in popular #2015bestnine style, I thought I’d share my favorite posts from 2015 as we launch into the next year.

Maybe you saw these the first time around or maybe not. Either way, there was some good stuff in 2015! Despite some serious doubts along the way, I’m happy to report that having a baby doesn’t necessarily kill your creative work. If anything, it just makes you think more creatively! (Juries still out on what having a crawling baby will do, though.)


1 >>

So, I Had a Baby



2 >>

Real Talk with Real Moms… On Feeding

RTRM Feeding - Our Style Stories


3 >>

The Other Side of Style



4 >>

Great Art on the Cheap



5 >>

“Ugly” for the Aesthete



6 >>

Daily Wears… with Angie Garcia

20150924Daily Wears - Our Style Stories-1806


7 >>

Strategies for Making a Generic Apartment Chic



8 >>

Kelly Christine Sutton’s Style Story

Kelly Christine Sutton - Our Style Stories-3-5


9 >>

Carly Burson’s Podcast Interview

20151101Carly Burlson-366


Don’t go far! Tomorrow, I’ll share a list of my favorite Etsy shops to help you spend all that Christmas moo-la.



This story…


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