A Conversation with Carly Burson

Today’s conversation comes as a perfect follow-up to my Conscious Gifting Guide from last week. It’s becoming a well-known fact that “fast fashion” has a tragically negative affect on the people that are employed to produce the items. Carly is tackling this problem head on with her fashion company Tribe Alive by adopting a socially responsible business model. In her opinion, doing business in such a manner is nothing extraordinary, or at least she feels it shouldn’t be. Rather, it’s just the right thing to do.

In the course of our conversation, Carly and I discussed everything from her morning routine to her style icons and creative influences and her journey from visual designer at J. Crew to becoming the founder of a company that’s, if not extraordinary, truly inspiring and significant!


Listen below or on your smart phone in iTunes to hear our conversation.

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If you’re shopping for last minute Christmas gifts, consider Tribe Alive and the good your purchase will do for a fellow human on the other side of the globe. Or, if you’ve got some Christmas cash to spend on yourself (woohoo!), check out their beautiful collection of goods HERE.

Thanks, as always, for listening!


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