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The OSOS… No. 7

Just in case you need a little reminding in the midst of a notoriously stressful time of year… every home, every family, every holiday has it’s imperfections. Take, for example, this scene. It’s less than a week out from Christmas and holiday decor is still sitting in random corners around the house, untouched and unhung. Also, our shredded mini-blinds. What can I say? We have a very feisty, albeit anxious, terrier who takes his protective aggression out on our front window.

It’s easy enough to get upset when things get damaged and our expectations of what should be are not yet met. But who has time for all that nonsense?? We’re taking one task, one ornament, one mini-blind and one day at a time. Christmas will come regardless and it will be wonderful!


P.S. This post is just a brief reprieve in between last week’s Style Story and this next week’s podcast interview. Check back for more this week!


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