Daily Wears

Daily Wears… No. 4

Since we’re going with a loose dance theme in this series (see HERE), today’s post must be dedicated to Ms. Isadora Duncan. Her love for flowing, draping, fluid forms was completely revolutionary in her time. When I’m feeling the need to tap into my modern dance roots, I’ll slip on these palazzo style pants – much like what I imagine Isadora would have liked to wear – and traipse about my work uninhibited by tight, constricting shapes.

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This isn’t the trendiest outfit. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen another one like it. But truth is, I feel so good in it! I believe that would have been more than enough reason for Ms. Duncan. The hat is my ode to Fall, which is only just now taking hold in Texas. And the sandals… well, like I said, it’s only just now becoming Fall. Maybe I’ll pull out the boots in a few weeks. If I was truly channeling Isadora, I would have gone barefoot!


Photography by Angie Garcia



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