The Other Side of Style

The OSoS… No. 5

On weeks when I publish a Style Story, I spend a lot o’ time on the computer. Before baby, I could work as long as and as hard as I needed to get the work done and without much concern for the world around me. (Sorry hubby… You were usually at work anyways). (Oh yeah, sorry puppies! You definitely got the short end of the stick on that one.) But now that Gabriel is around, I *happily* juggle editing photos and writing posts with entertaining, feeding and pacifying a little one. Most of the time, this means that anything other than the blog and the baby (again, sorry hubby and pups) doesn’t get much attention. Hence, today’s Other Side of Style post.

This is what my world feels like… Tight focus on a few things. Nose in computer. Pen to task list. Glued to the couch. Baby at arm’s reach.

It’s not a bad life.



This story…


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