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The OSoS… No. 4

I just finished listening to “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” on Audible and… WOW. There’s so much I could say about this book! But in the spirit of it’s message, I’ll only share the most essential point for the purposes of today’s post.

When asking the keystone – and true essentialist – question, “what’s important now?” (as in, what is most important out of all that I have to do at this very moment), I’ve discovered that it’s rarely house projects. Go figure! (Thank you diapers and laundry.) In fact, when I have a busy week of work, it is most definitely not house projects, hence this unhung artwork and box of props picked up at an estate sale a few weeks back.

As I learn to prioritize more skillfully, I’m also learning lessons about homemaking and perfectionism.


Our homes will always been somewhat imperfect and incomplete. That’s what makes them living, breathing, dynamic spaces! Without some degree of imperfection, they would be lifeless and boring. And who wants a boring home?


And to further make my point, check out Heather Freeman’s “The Myth of a Perfect Home“. I could add an “amen” at the end of each of her paragraphs.


Hope you’re having a lovely week, friends!


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