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The Shoe Sale Rabbit Hole

About once every few months, I fall down the endless rabbit hole that is online shoe shopping. It is deep and dark and rarely worth the time. Hours of searching usually ends with nothing more than a profound sense of wasted time. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that I almost exclusively shop the sale section.

You see, the thing about shopping sales is that you’re usual shopping out of season. Winter styles in Spring, Summer styles in Fall. It definitely makes the hunt that much harder. Recently, though, I found a handful of cute Fall styles in the sale category of some favorite retailers. Score!! I can see any one of these transitioning beautifully into a Fall wardrobe.



Question is… which one will I buy?? Oh, good grief, here we go again. Back down the rabbit hole!



Number one: Suede Buckle Creeper, Asos
Number two:Brigitte Flat, Need Supply Co.
Number three: Park Lane Cheetah Pony Boots, Asos
Number four: Make a Scene Pump, Modcloth
Number five: Can You Hear Me Boots, Seychelles




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