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Strategies for Making a Generic Apartment Chic

I’m going to let Misty jump right in here and share her brilliant secrets to designing a chic apartment. Every one of her tips are absolutely spot on!


“The big difference for me in designing an apartment vs. a home is that it’s temporary. I never intended to rent long-term so even tho I needed to scale down some of my furnishings, I didn’t break the bank doing so.

I reused a lot of items from my last house but needed to rethink others. For instance, I had a library full of built-ins in my house but no place whatsoever in the apartment for books. I opted for an open shelving unit to keep the space feeling light. The coffee table was an issue as well…I chose a clear waterfall table so that it virtually disappears, leaving the illusion of more space but still being functional.”


1 >

Layer lighting. Table lamps, floor lamps and sconces at different heights all help to move the eye around the room and keep the space interesting.DSC_9164DSC_9303

2 >

Fill it up. The more I filled the walls and corners with art and furniture, the cozier it became. 

DSC_9209DSC_9192 (1)

3 >

Make temporary changes. Simple things like keeping the blinds pulled up and out of the way and hanging curtains instead make it feel more like a unique space. Or take down the generic towel bars in the bathroom and hang your own hooks. This stuff can be changed back easily when you move and the reward will be worth the effort. DSC_9171

And there you have it. Dynamite guidelines for making even the most boring apartment space interesting!


What has been your biggest apartment living challenge and how did you overcome it? I’d love to know in the comments.



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