The State of the Weekend

Since having Gabriel, my weekends and weekdays have become indistinguishably blurred. With no regular work schedule to keep, there’s been no need to define one from the other. But this past weekend was David’s last before going back to school so, we made an attempt to do distinctly weekend-like things. Excessive lounging. Ikea shopping. Frozen yogurt eating. It was bliss. But all the while, I kept trying to shake the urge to keep up with my to-do list. Buzz kill!

What I realized after some me-myself-and-I time was that in the blur of Gabriel’s past five months, my days have gradually shifted from the sweet simplicity of nursing a baby all night and day while catching up on Downton Abbey to the more realistic schedule of managing a household, an irregular styling career, an ever more interactive baby and, oh yeah, this blog! Suddenly, I need a weekend again.

So, that’s the new goal. Weekends without guilt! We’ll be slowing down and making time for decidedly non-weekday things. There will be sleeping in, family outings (strictly the fun kind), bare bones to-do lists and probably a dirty living room rug until at least Monday afternoon.


How about you, friends? Do you have trouble unwinding on the weekends? If so, how do you cope?



This story by Hilary Walker
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  • Reply cindy landham August 4, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    Oh my goodness – i completely relate to this! I run my own business/coaching practice – blog included – and it’s easy to NEVER fully “be off”. Excellent post dear Hilary. Thank you. I needed the reminder…

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