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Easy Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table with Hilary Kennedy

Wowza! It’s been over a month since my so-called return to blogging. That went well, huh? What can I say. Life has been happening in major ways and blogging has had to take a back seat. You’ll get the full explanation soon enough but for now, let’s just jump right back into things, shall we? I’ll save the witty promises and blogging declarations for another time because today I have something special for you.

DSC_0015 DSC_0087

Today I’m sharing a video that I recorded with Hilary Kennedy at my dear friend Rachael’s home all about the various methods of styling a coffee table. It was intended to run as a segment on a new Dallas-based TV show but for one reason or another, the show never made it on air. But that’s alright with me! Instead, I get to share this fun clip in which I demonstrate two unique ways to style your coffee table.

Two Easy Methods for Styling Any Coffee Table from Hilary Walker on Vimeo.


So, which version would you try on your coffee table? “Vibrant Layers” or “Earthen Simplicity”?

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