A Conversation with Lisa and Erik Craighead

Location, location, location. Today’s conversation with Lisa and Erik is primarily about location and especially as related to developing a creative career.

During our visit, we discussed the pros and cons of living in a large metropolitan area such as New York City or LA as well as why they think smaller cities are the place to be right now, Salt Lake City especially. Lisa shared a peek into what her work life as a creative director looks like now that she’s settled down in Utah. We spent a good amount of time discussing how to break into a new market and find clients as well as key lessons from both Erik and Lisa for jump starting a creative career with sincerity and humility.

Whether you live in a big city and feel slightly invisible or live in a small city and wonder if you’re missing out, these folks speak from experience and have a wealth of knowledge to share about the subject. I guarantee, you won’t get through this podcast without sparking some thoughts.


Listen below or on your smart phone in iTunes to hear our conversation.

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