Color Amplification

I just have one thing to say about this photo of Margaux’s room… how about that wall color?! It’s awesome, right? I mentioned in yesterday’s Style Story profile of the Salassi family that not too many people probably have the guts to try out such a bold hue. Granted, it might not be everyone’s taste either. But I’d like to make a simple suggestion for those among us who do like bold color. Painting is probably the easiest interior change (aside from decorative accessories and accents) that a person can make in their home without involving any real permanence. So, why not? Why not paint your child’s room an electric shade of green? Why not experiment with a hue that you’ve always loved but never tried? Why not step out on a limb and go for the color that delights you rather than worry about the guidelines of current “trends”? It’s my opinion that the color you love is totally worth amplifying up on your walls. Worst case scenario, you get to spend a Saturday painting over what hopefully turned out to be an exciting and enlightening experiment to begin with.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, what bold color would you like to try in your home?


This story by Hilary Walker
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