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House Plants… Inspired By Basically Everyone!

My goodness, time flies! As soon as the weekend begins, it seems it’s already over. Am I alone in this? I try my hardest to pack every waking moment with projects and chores and activities. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. But this weekend it worked! I managed to redecorate our living room, clean (most) of the house, photograph some of my wardrobe for an upcoming feature on Bib + Tuck, and pot a handful of pretty plants for the house. Oh yes, and hang out by the pool with friends! And now, of course, I’m utterly exhausted. :-/

As for my plant project, that’s one I’ve had on the to-do list for months. I was inspired by basically every Style Story guest I’ve ever had on the blog. As it turns out, living indoor plants are a keystone element to a vibrant home. I’m already so in love with mine. They now live on a sunny surface in our bedroom and appear to be very happy with their new home.

So, here are a couple tips for your house plant plans.

  • Try multiple plants grouped together. The effect is that of a mini greenhouse or sunroom.
  • Mixing and matching pots of different styles creates the feeling of a collection that’s been curated over time. However, keeping everything in a similar color scheme helps avoid an over-cluttered appearance. (Would you guess that I picked up mine at Garden Ridge?)
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix in other decorative objects. My ceramic bust fit with my ivory color scheme and added a sense of classicism to my plant scene as well.


So, what did you do this weekend? And are a few potted plants going to be in your future too?




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