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6 Ways to Channel Your Inner Child

Number one… wonder at the world around you. Rainbows are awesome! Don’t be embarrassed to say it.

Number two… get outside and play. Play a sport, tend a garden, or just roam around and enjoy the scenery.

Number three… laugh at jokes – loudly! And even mostly the stupid ones.

Number four… schedule a quiet time. Nap if you need to.

Number five… sing-along in the car. Better yet, sing-along and dance-along!

Number six… give yourself the freedom to imagine wild possibilities for whatever you’re doing. Remember, you’re a kid. Nearly anything is possible.

BONUS: If after everything above you’re still having trouble channeling your inner child, tell a potty joke. That’ll probably do the trick.


This post brought to you by a genuine desire to feel like a kid again. Adulthood is difficult. Time is short, days are long, money is fleeting, and stress factors are numerous. (Don’t worry, life isn’t actually all that bad right now.) But wouldn’t it be nice, if nothing else, to just feel like a kid again? You know, in that eager, easily excitable, options are endless, simple things are wondrous kind of way? This week, I’m going to invest in a mini-experiment and try a few of the afore mentioned child-like behaviors. If I start throwing tantrum fits, you’ll know I’ve gone too far. Anything prior is fair game!!

How about you? What would you do to feel like a kid again?


The photo above was taken in the home of Dallas-based production designer and stylist, Rachael Currie. See more from her Style Story here.



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