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A Signature Look… Inspired by Samantha Stewart

Below, a couple pairings of my signature yellow jacket as inspired by the vibrant style of miss Samantha Stewart. Done both the casual and dressy way. I’ve worn this piece in so many different scenarios and it’s still one of my favorite items to pull from my closet. I’m amazed at how often it seems to be the perfect topper to my outfits. Funny thing is, I bought it at Target years ago because of it’s adorable ballerina lining. Who knew I’d love the outside so much too?!

One thing is for sure. It’s handy to have a signature piece that you can turn to so frequently and easily. I wouldn’t do a uniform any other way.

DSC_0061DSC_0118 (1)DSC_0134

What is your signature? And how do you wear it?



This story by Hilary Walker
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