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Decorating with a Single Color

Remember Samantha Stewart‘s lovely master bedroom from a couple weeks ago? Well, its loveliness didn’t happen on accident. Another talented Samantha was involved. Specifically, Sam Reitmayer Sano of Swoon the Studio. Sam came in to assist Samantha with her master bedroom redesign a while back. And today she’s here to assist us with some color coordinating tips.

During my visit with Samantha, I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully these blue colored items were arranged on a side table in her bedroom lounge area. Aren’t you curious how they did it? Well, simply read below and follow suite! Sam shares a few helpful expert tips for creating a beautiful tabletop vignette using a single color as your decorating guide.


  • Work in books and art that have a hint of that color but not solely that color… it will hint at it but not feel so intentional.
  • I also think working in loose triangles when grouping things together is helpful. Low-High-Low and Repeat if needed.
  • Last bit… a little goes a long way. 5-7 little bits and bobs will create a collection with a couple of books and a piece of art you are set!


Thanks so much for the insights, Sam!!


This story by Hilary Walker
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