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Styling with Vintage for the Holidays

Earlier this Fall, I was called in by a local Fort Worth magazine to style a holiday editorial spread themed around the idea of incorporating vintage goodies into holiday home decor. Pfff. Done!! I could do this in my sleep, it’s so up my alley. As you’ve seen in my most recent Style Story featuring Dana Pugh, old things don’t always have to be discarded for newer ones. In fact, sometimes it’s the old and crusty objects in our life that are just the right thing to add dimension and character to our interior spaces.

I had a blast working with Kari Crowe Seher, the photographer, and the rest of the 76107 Magazine team. We hustled our Christmas decorations like troopers on what was one of the most humid days of the season and came out shining. Literally! And, in fact, one of our shots made the cover of the magazine! I was blown away.

If you live in Fort Worth, swing by one of the following local businesses in the 76107 zip code to read through a copy in person. For those that don’t live in the area, you can see the whole story online HERE on pages 23 through 27. Hope you find some fun ideas for holiday decorating, if it’s not too late!





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