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In an attempt to reveal the live’s of my Style Story guests as real, challenged, beautiful, and even imperfect at times, I’ve decided to extend a few of my features to include a new series I’m calling “Life Now”. Did you see the first post I published?

For today’s post, I asked the talented Sarah Greenman to share a bit about her life now in the hopes that it would help each of us look at our own lives more thoughtfully.


Challenges: What are three things that have been challenging you lately?
  • Too many ideas – it’s important to stay focused in the face of the constant barrage of enterprise and inspiration.
  • I need to stop saying “yes” to everything – just because I can do it doesn’t mean I should.
  • My sugar addiction – seriously, I work from home and the ease with which I can snack on sugary things throughout the day is crazy.
Strategy: How do you manage each of those challenges?
  • I’m a lister. I make a list of the all of the ideas (I don’t want to lose any) and then I prioritize them by asking these questions: a) Does this idea move you closer to the goal of being a successful freelance artist and writer?  b) What will this idea cost you in terms of time away from family and financial investment?  c) Will it be something you can finish in a timely manner?  Once I’ve answered those questions, it’s pretty clear which ideas deserve my attention and which ones can fall off the list.
  • Instead of saying yes immediately, I always say, “Let me look at my calendar and I’ll get back to you within the week.”  This allows me time and distance to assess the situation.
  • Sugar is a tough one so I blog about my health, food intake, exercise and weight loss at Smaller Sarah. It keeps me accountable and helps me stay on top of my sugar addiction. I also do green juice fasts to reset my system and help me steer clear of overdosing on refined sugar.
Gratitude: What three things are you especially grateful for these days (both big and small)?
  • My children just started school and for the first time since 2007, I have time to work at my own pace. It is heaven.
  • I’m grateful for my super supportive husband who always makes room for my eclectic and sometimes chaotic life in the arts.
  • I’m grateful that my son, Charlie, is having so many recent successes in his battle to overcome the effects of his stroke.



Thank you, Sarah, for sharing such honest, helpful insights.

So, what do you think? Can you relate to Sarah’s comments and current life experiences? What has been challenging you, helping you deal, and causing you to feel grateful lately?



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