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Investing In Your First Works of Art

Are you like me? Does fine art slightly intimidate you? Whether it’s due to price point or cultural understanding, investing in fine art can seem out of reach and somewhat complicated. But after seeing all the beautiful artwork and hearing all the inspiring insights from artist extraordinaire Sarah earlier this week, it seemed like the perfect time to dispel some of that intimidation and gather some advice for investing in your first pieces of fine art. While Sarah is primarily an art creator, my friend Lisa is an incredibly knowledgeably art collector. Herewith she shares a few bite-sized tips for those with a desire to invest in meaningful, affordable artwork.


I started volunteering at the Dallas Museum of Art in my early twenties and currently serve on their Development Committee.  This has been a great way to meet interesting, like-minded people and learn a great deal of information about artists.
  • Stop by local galleries and talk to art consultants about your budget
I have found some affordable pieces that I love at local Dallas galleries, such as Barry Whistler and Craighead Green.
Two of my favorite pieces came through two friends that are amazing art consultants: Baker Montgomery of Crawford Baker, and John Runyon of Runyon Fine Arts.
Consultants are in-the-know and can help you find out about emerging artists in LA and NY.
  • Check out prints by well-known artists
My favorite site is  I have several prints from their site.


Thanks so much for the help, Lisa!


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