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Everyday Jewelry… Inspired by Paula

I loved the look of Paula’s gold “coin” necklace in last week’s post, didn’t you? It was so refreshingly classic and simple. I imagine that it’s one of those pieces that Paula wears quite frequently. You know the type. A piece of jewelry that you could easily wear everyday of the week. And maybe you do! It’s your go-to jewelry choice. Perhaps it has sentimental value. Or it was a special investment. Maybe it’s a religious symbol or a family heirloom. Either way, it’s easy, classic, and always appropriate.

In the hectic hustle that is most of our lives, this seems like a brilliant strategy to save on a few precious morning minutes. In a way, there’s something almost irresistibly appealing about the consistency and reliability of a jewelry “uniform”. Getting creative with accessories can be fun but I find that I’m a lot less adept at it in the wee hours of the morn than I am at other times. I think I’ll try, at least on early mornings and busy days, to stick to a few of my rotating favorites… a gold coin necklace, silver and gold chandelier earrings, and a new-to-me (thanks Lauren, dear) silver pearl ring.


What are your go-to everyday jewels?


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