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Introducing “Life Now” with Jane Waggoner

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So today, in response to my musings, I present you with a new series that I’ll be occasionally adding as a follow-up to my Style Story features. I call them “Life Now” lists. It’s simple. I ask my guest three questions.

  • What’s been challenging you lately?
  • How have you overcome those challenges?
  • What are you especially grateful for these days?

And they answer with their thoughts that are most current and honest at the moment.

My hope is that with these answers, we’ll all get a slightly more realistic look into the lives of my guests. They’re stylish, yes. But they’re people with struggles and challenges and strategies and blessings, just like the rest of us. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn a thing or two from each other along the way?


To begin, I asked Jane the questions above and she graciously shared a few of her thoughts. Though not neatly categorized in response to each question, what I love about Jane’s answers is that they’re organic, honest, and of the moment.


“There are a constellation of people in my life that have collaborative impact on my product. In the past I have collaborated with people as a means to making a specific idea become a reality (i.e. Shannah Frank helped me realize the idea for the bookcase in my living room, Sean Davies, the graphic designer at Interior Resources takes my rug concepts and translates them on the computer).  But in the past six months I have been lucky enough to collaborate with some other interior designers on full residential projects.  It’s been a wonderful experience: an opportunity to see (and create) multiple solutions; a fierce editing environment and the ongoing challenge of give and take that happens in any type of partnership, not just a creative one.

I am beyond grateful for these opportunities, both for the chance to learn from my colleagues (upping the level of play, so to speak) and also as a confirmation of my own voice/work/style.

The ongoing career challenge is to constantly produce top level work.

It is also a time in my life when my own child is venturing out into the work world.  My daughter will be following in the creative footprints of my family. She is winding up a year’s internship at Tribeza Magazine in Austin and will head to NYC to start her next chapter (doing exactly what has yet to be determined but will definitely be “creative”).  She is immensely talented and it has been a great source of pride to watch her in this new professional role.  My challenge, as always, is to provide support and love and encourage her independence and sense of adventure.”   Jane Waggoner


Tell me, do you relate to Jane’s thoughts? How have your recent experiences been similar?

And what do you think about this new series?




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