A Conversation with Krista Casey & Dave Kavaler

As I mentioned last week in Krista and David’s style story, we had never met before I showed up at their doorstep to photograph their home. Nor did we have any mutual acquaintances. Or work history. Or online connections! They were complete strangers and they made me feel entirely at home.

Throughout my tour of their place, we chatted about a myriad of things. Their style, travel history, favorite second-hand shops. You know. The usual. Then we sat down for our official podcast interview and jumped into some really interesting topics such as the dynamic between to two of them as a creative couple, the ins and outs of running a street style blog, and where to shop for vintage clothing and furniture in Boston.

Tune in below.



For your reference, here are links to a few things we mentioned:


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“Confidence is 90% of style. If you are comfortable in what you’re wearing… then people will see it & respond to it.” – David Kavaler

“If you have your own style and you set yourself apart from other people, we want to take your picture…” – Krista Casey


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