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Fail-Proof Florals

You know what I love? Flowers. You know what I don’t love? Spending money I typically don’t have on things that are going to wilt in a matter of days. It’s sad, I know. I really ought to grow a cutting garden or cultivate a nursery or something. But who has the time for such lovely things?! (maybe this Spring)

Ok, I’ll let you in on another thing. Not one, not two, but three former Style Story ladies have been spotted making use of the charming Craspedia flower in their homes. Don’t know of it? How about Billy Balls? Pom Pom Flowers? Or Woolly Heads? Yes, they are lovely, easy to arrange, and dry in the most perfectly untouched way. How could you not adore such a fail-proof floral? And they solve my problem of flowers that are costly and wilt. Perfecto!

So, in a very Inspired By way, I took some cues from Joslyn, Julie, and Misty, and arranged a few of my own yellow pom pom flowers. See below the loveliness that inspired my handful of poms.




Next on my list of Inspired By to-do’s? Construct the perfect vignette of accessories. It looks like I could use some help in that department. :-/


So, have you used the Craspedia to decorate? If not, which of the three looks above would you love to imitate most?




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