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4 Tips for Decorating with Thrift Store Art

The jury is in… thrift stores are awesome places to find art for your home! Here to help us navigate the hit-or-miss waters of thrifting is second-hand pro, Misty Spencer. This gal knows what she’s talking about. Isn’t this collection of artwork and photos from her bedroom lovely?


Now, from Misty:

  1. A gallery wall is most interesting when you have a collection of different items. I love to mix meaningful photography with mirrors and different styles of art. It’s also best to vary the amount of white space (or matting) to help draw the eye from piece to piece.
  2. Don’t be afraid to play with scale. A small wall doesn’t mean you have to use small art. In fact, I prefer larger pieces of art on smaller walls, and a collection of items on larger walls. It makes the smaller space feel larger and less crowded, and makes the larger space feel more cozy.
  3. Don’t pass on a great thrifted frame just because you don’t love the art it contains. There are so many beautiful frames that just need a little TLC and new art to make them come alive.
  4. Imperfections are okay. If you are drawn to a particular piece and realize it has a flaw, don’t let it stop you from adding it to your collection. What I love most about vintage items is knowing that they have a history, a story. Imperfections are just part of that story, and can be embraced as part of the beauty of the piece.
So, who’s ready to hit the thrifts?


Ready to thrift, this story…


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