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Hat Revolution

Remember Brittany Cobb’s boho-chic style? Let me jog your memory…

DSC_0185No question, Brittany knows what’s going on in the fashion department.

And in her opinion (mine too)… hats are so chic. They’re known to be statement makers, often serve very practical purposes, and are available in endless varieties for both men and women. I mean, besides hat hair (definitely a downside), what does a person have to lose by wearing one? It used to be that hats were a staple of the everyday person’s wardrobe. My question is, why did we stop wearing them? Or wearing them as much as we used to?

So, I’ve been thinking… what with New York Fashion Week going on and all. What if we all wore a hat at least once this week? Wouldn’t that shift the tides of hat wearing just a touch? Or maybe (more realistically) inspire at least one other person to wear a stylish hat also? I like Brittany’s classic panama hat for the Summer. It’s the perfect masculine choice to balance to easy, breezy maxi dresses.

What style of hat will you be wearing this Fall?


Note: The fancy photo of me above was taken by my talented friend Amanda, who is a Fort Worth-based photographer and fashion stylist.


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