Counter-point and Auto Crises

I’m in Austin this week, not because I planned on it but because my once reliable car suddenly became not so reliable… in route… to Austin.

My travel plans were only meant to include the Texas Style Council conference, which came and went in a blur. While I chatted with bloggers and talked about rebranding at #TxSC13, my car sat at the mechanic’s shop, helplessly captive.

I share this with you not to get your sympathy or well wishes. I have a point. Or a counter-point, I should say!

Remember way back when, I featured the lovely Carina Pearson? Her style completely charmed me. And so did her thoughts, one in particular. We talked about the idea of counter-point and it feels especially relevant right now. The basic premise of the idea being that for any particular “point” you have an opposing “counter-point”, something that contradicts the rest of what you’re seeing and creates an interesting juxtaposition. This can, of course, be done well and not so well. But in the right hands, it’s a brilliant styling strategy!

Carina has made beautiful use of the “counter-point” theory in her home and wardrobe. Case-in-point, the pairing of traditional floral draperies beside a neon colored folk art piece. What might have, on it’s own, been a bit too sweet, becomes catching and interesting when combined with something counter to itself. Here’s a bit of info from Carina regarding the mentioned piece of artwork:

“The artist who did the painting of the boats is a very eccentric and prolific folk artist named Howard Finster. He painted what he saw in visions that he felt were from God. I’ve always been drawn to the piece and snagged it from our basement several years ago. Last year a friend invited me to see an art exhibition, so I did an image search of the name. A moment later I was excitedly texting him -‘You’re not gonna believe this but I think I own one of his original pieces!!’ He didn’t believe me until I texted him a photo of it.”

Note, the other piece of artwork shown above is a 3D illustration by Carina.


Ok, time to bring this full circle. I had a crisis on my way down to Austin. On a whole, things were very bleak. But I had my own kind of counter-point to place against my desperate car situation as well; kind, generous, giving friends that came to my rescue at every turn. As much as I’d like to, I can’t discredit the role my expensive misfortune played in giving me the perspective to truly appreciate my good friends. In a sense, I needed both to make the whole. The point and counter-point, the car crisis and blessing of friendship.


What’s been your point and counter-point lately?


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  • Reply Marion August 6, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Onward and upward

    • Reply Hilary August 15, 2013 at 12:56 pm

      Yes, indeed!

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