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Introducing “SHOP your STORY”

Have you spent much time exploring the top navigation of this site yet? If so, maybe you’ve noticed that teeny menu to the left called “Shop“? The idea behind it is pretty simple… Shop your style inspired by their story.

After visiting the seriously cool homes of some seriously creative people over the past several months, I’ve found myself wandering the web in search of similar pieces. Maybe you’re like me and identify with the personal style of one of my guests or would like to emulate a similar aesthetic as theirs. If so, then you’re going to love the shop feature because that’s exactly what it’s meant to help you with! I’ve gathered products from around the internet inspired by the homes and wardrobes of my Style Story guests and compiled them into three categories; HOME, BODY, and HEART.  The home portion is, you guessed, all home decor items. The body category focuses on all things fashion and beauty. And the heart section… well, that’s one of my favorites. The pieces in that section are meant to inspire creative thinking, self-improvement, exercise, community activity, and so on. You understand. The things that get you thinking, moving, feeling.

So, with each new style story that I share, I’ll be publishing a fresh set of goodies to these categories scouted from around the web. (and yeah, maybe a few that I just like because.)

Swing by there now to learn where each of the pieces shown above can be found!



This story…






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