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    Arianna Jones’ Style Story

    I am frequently amazed by the resourcefulness, bravery and creative chutzpah that it takes to create and sell a physical product as an independent maker. For whatever reason, that impulse never struck me. Maybe because I don’t have the kind of crafting/making/sewing skills that are naturally required. Or maybe because it seemed like the type of venture that’s exclusive to those with ample capital to bank roll a fancy production. But when I dig a little deeper into the stories of the people I know who have followed this path, I can see that the process has less to do with personal wealth and much more to do with tremendous hard work and a simple desire to make things and bring them to the world. It’s a slow build. There’s a massive learning curve. And patience and persistence are king.

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    Vote with Your Style

    There are so many instances in which I feel like I don’t have control. I mean… have you ever tried to reason with a toddler? Parenting at this stage (and who am I kidding,…

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    A Conversation with Gina Bender

    Gina Bender describes herself as humble, creative and nurturing and her personal style as a mix of classic vintage, layers of color and mindfulness for minimalism. Today on the podcast, we talk about her…

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    Style Stories

    Gina Bender’s Style Story

    Notice anything different around here? Maybe, say EVERYTHING!?! Ok, maybe not exactly everything has changed but a few major things have. (You’ll find the full run down in this post from earlier today.)…

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    Side Note

    Introducing the New ‘Our Style Stories’!

    Today, I have a little something special to share. More than three years after launching Our Style Stories, I’ve finally managed rebranding. New website, new logo and a fresh enthusiasm to match it! Later…

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    What Is Personal Style Anyways?

    Today’s episode is courtesy of years worth of pondering on the subject of personal style. What it represents… how it’s developed… where it comes from. I take a brief dive into these…